spring along the drive


Yesterday was a day to go outdoors and enjoy the sights… along the route I noticed this Canada Goose standing at the edge of the pedestrian/bike path like he was holding court. I took a few pictures from the right side and since he wasn’t moving, decided to try my luck from the left… which I did after slowly moving behind him. Hard to tell, but he did not take his eyes off me, even as a bike tooled by… Eventually I left him to his devices and walked back to my car.

While many in the area consider these guys to be a nuisance, they are quite handsome in person with the regal black/white coloration on their head and neck. And, although the Los Angeles River used to be a stop along their migration route, they’re spotted more and more down at the river (and sometimes in Griffith Park on the golfcourse). Just about now (springtime), they usually have one or two young in tow as they swim, or graze.


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