la’s cavalier approach to griffith park

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Let me be very clear… the City of Los Angeles’ lack of vision and stewardship of our city parks is nothing short of cavalier…

The city has been surprisingly dismissive… especially when discussing the Park… Griffith Park, that is…

Several years ago the city signed an agreement with Ten Thirty One Productions to mount a years-long series of Halloween Hayrides in the Old Zoo area of Griffith Park which has apparently morphed into even more venues in the Old Zoo vicinity… designed and operated by none other than… Ten Thirty One Productions.

from their website promoting the “Great Horror Campout”

“Campers can decide how extreme of an experience they get by their choice of activities. Certain tent sections or activity zones labeled as “Chicken Zones” will be milder while everything else keeps campers “FAIR GAME.” 

Should you find that you just can’t take anymore or feel a little dribble of urine heading down your inner thigh, you can always shout the safe phrase “I WANT MY MOMMY.”

GHC is suitable for adults 18 and over The experience begins at 8pm.

There will be suitable time for sleeping, however the residents of the woods never sleep. 

Here’s the $64,000 question… is this really an appropriate venue for the Old Zoo (or any city park for that matter)?

Griffith Park is defined as an Urban Wilderness area, meaning it’s exceptionally bio-diverse… inhabited by a broad range of plants and animals. And thanks to Ten Thirty One none of the wildlife in the immediate vicinity of this event will be allowed to sleep…

And what makes the Old Zoo unique in the larger Griffith Park? This area is occupied by at least 11 different bat species (so far) as well as a gray fox population and various other species, like coyote and bobcats.


Los Angeles should embrace what already exists, especially the largest urban wilderness in the country, but given the historical track record of this exceptionally park-poor city, LA probably won’t do the right thing.

Why do you suppose this is?… Because Los Angeles seems more interested in selling/renting off resources, and what better resource than Griffith Park… for sale or rent to the highest group of bidders…

Ironically, other cities throughout the US have embraced the concept—going so far as to reintroduce “urban wilderness” features into their landscapes—cities like New York and Portland, Oregon.

… On another note

Today Los Angeles kicked off the LA River Revitalization Plan, thanks to the ongoing efforts of Friends of LA River (FoLAR) and a generous infusion of funds from the federal government.

As we celebrate this auspicious event, we should also look at Griffith Park with the knowledge that this Park (and other city parks) should be preserved for future generations to enjoy… However, it seems at every turn, the city is bent on destruction of the natural, beautiful areas created by city parks.

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