la river may 22.2014


Wildlife at the LA River is much more abundant in the early morning or late in the afternoon, so if you’re really interested in seeing some gorgeous waterfowl… this is the perfect time to catch ‘em.

That said, I was on the hunt for some decent photos… the first thing I saw when I came to the river was a beautiful blue heron close to the shoreline so I paused for a while and got some great shots.


As I moved up the river, toward Burbank, I saw a juvenile black-crowned night heron who seemed as curious to what I was doing as I was curious to what the bird was doing. The river acted as a buffer, so the bird and I managed to maintain our distance. I kept moving north to get a better shot, but the bird kept moving with me, so I never got to see the backside…

Nevertheless, I felt it was a successful time spent along the river!

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